Yamina (political alliance)


LeaderAyelet Shaked
Founded29 July 2019
National conservatism
Economic liberalism
Judicial restraint
Settler interests
Religious conservatism
Religious Zionism
Orthodox interests
Political positionRight-wing to far-right
Member parties New Right
Union of the Right-Wing Parties (Jewish Home and Tkuma)
SloganIsrael wants to go right.

Yamina (Hebrew: ימינה, lit. Right or Rightwards)[1] is an Israeli political alliance of right-wing to far-right parties, containing the New Right and the Union of the Right-Wing Parties (a union of The Jewish Home and Tkuma).[2] The list was created ahead of the September 2019 Israeli legislative election; the three parties agreed to unite to avoid losing votes to the high electoral threshold.


On 21 July 2019, after suffering a defeat in the April 2019 Israeli legislative election, New Right leader Naftali Bennett decided to give leadership of the party to Ayelet Shaked. In her opening leadership speech, Shaked declared that she will seek to unite with the Union of the Right-Wing Parties (URWP) and other right-wing parties.[3]

On the following day, negotiations with the URWP began. The negotiations initially stalled, as URWP leader Rafi Peretz was unwilling to concede leadership of the list to Shaked, and disagreements arose over how many spots each of the three involved parties would receive on the list. Another subject that arose in the negotiations was whether the radical former URWP member Otzma Yehudit should be included in the new joint list.[4]

Recordings of the wife of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Sara Netanyahu, were released where she was speaking with Rafi Peretz' wife, Michal Peretz, to attempt to convince Peretz to not give up his number one slot in the list; although it was confirmed that the prime minister was also involved (despite his denial), the attempt was ultimately unsuccessful,[5] and on 29 July 2019, the URWP and the New Right agreed to a joint run, with the New Right's Ayelet Shaked leading the joint list. As part of the agreement, the alliance declared that they would negotiate together to establish a right-wing government under Benjamin Netanyahu.[6]