Timeline of Jewish history

This is a timeline of the development of Jews and Judaism. All dates are given according to the Common Era, not the Hebrew calendar.

See also Jewish history which includes links to individual country histories. For the history of persecution of Jews, see Antisemitism, History of antisemitism and Timeline of antisemitism.

Biblical period

c. 1312 BCE (?*)
the Exodus from Egypt (Moses)
c. 1250 BCE–c. 1025 BCE
Biblical judges lead the people
c. 1025 BCE–c. 1010 BCE
King Saul
c. 1010 BCE–c. 970 BCE
King David
c. 970 BCE–c. 931 BCE
King Solomon
c. 960 BCE
Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem completed
c. 931 BCE
Split between Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) and the Kingdom of Judah
c. 931 BCE–c. 913 BCE
King Rehoboam of Judah
c. 931 BCE–c. 910 BCE
King Jeroboam of Israel
840 BCE
Mesha inscription describes Moabite victory over a son of King Omri of Israel.
c. 740 BCE–c. 700 BCE
prophesy of Isaiah
c. 740 BCE–c. 722 BCE
Kingdom of Israel falls to Neo-Assyrian Empire
c. 715 BCE–c. 687 BCE
King Hezekiah of Judah
c. 649 BCE–c. 609 BCE
King Josiah of Judah institutes major reforms
c. 626 BCЕ – c. 587 BCE
prophecy of Jeremiah
597 BCE
first deportation to Babylon
586 BCE
Jerusalem falls to Nebuchadnezzar and Solomon's Temple destroyed
539 BCE
Jews allowed to return to Jerusalem, by permission of Cyrus
Model of the Second Temple
520 BCE
Prophecy of Zechariah
c. 520 BCE
Zerubbabel leads the first group of Jews from captivity back to Jerusalem
516 BCE
Second Temple consecrated
c. 475 BCE
Often associated with Xerxes I of Persia,[1][2] Queen Esther revealed her identity to the king and began to plead for her people, pointing to Haman as the evil schemer plotting to destroy them.
c. 460 BCE
Seeing anarchy breaking out in Judea, Xerxes' successor Persian King Artaxerxes sent Ezra to restore order.

* The Exodus (which we know of from Jewish sources) took place in the Jewish year 2448 (see Seder Olam Rabbah), and the CE begins in the Jewish year 3760. Between 2448 and 3760 are 1312 years.[clarification needed]