State Comptroller of Israel

State Comptroller
מבקר המדינה
Mevaker HaMedina
Matanyahu Englman

since 3 June 2019
State Comptroller of Israel signboard

The State Comptroller of Israel (Hebrew: מבקר המדינה Mevaker HaMedina, Arabic: مراقب الدولة‎, literally: Critic of State) supervises and reviews the policies and operations of the government of the State of Israel. The incumbent is independent of the government and answers to the Knesset alone.


The principal function of the state comptroller is to check on the legality, regularity, efficiency, economy, and ethical conduct of public institutions. The checks are performed by continuous and spot inspections of the financial accounts and activities of all ministries, the armed forces and security services, local government bodies, and any corporations, enterprises, or organizations subsidized or managed by the state in any form.

By law, the State Comptroller in Israel also functions as Ombudsman (Hebrew: נציב תלונות הציבור Netziv Tlunot HaTzibur) to whom members of the public may send complaints about actions by governmental bodies that have caused them harm.

The state comptroller's office is divided into five major inspection units. The first four units are concerned, respectively, with ministries, defense services, local authorities, and corporations; the fifth inspection unit deals with public complaints concerning government bodies.