Mentz is a former form of Mainz in Germany. It may also refer to:

Placenames in the United States named for Mainz:

Mentz is also a surname:

  • August Mentz (1867-1944), Danish botanist
  • Hendrik Mentz (1877-1938), South African politician
  • Henno Mentz (b. 1979), South African rugby player
  • Henry Mentz (1920-2005), Federal District Judge, American jurist and scholar
  • Johann von Mentz (?-1583), Governor of Ösel (1576-1584)
  • MJ Mentz (b. 19?), South African rugby player (brother of Henno)
  • Menachem Mentz (1994-) Chossid of the lubavitcher rebbe on Shlichus in Bel-air California.
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