Israel Gay Youth

  • israel gay youth (igy) (hebrew: ארגון נוער גאה‎, irgun noar ge'eh, lit. "proud youth organization"; hebrew: איגי‎, igy, "igy") was founded in 2002 in israel as a non-profit ngo, branching off from the israeli gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender association.

    israel gay youth (igy ngo)
    founded2001 (the ngo registered in 2004)
    founder yaniv waizmann (chairman), gal uchovsky (president)
    typelgbtq organization
    focuslgbtq youth
    • the gay center in tel aviv
    area served
    22 cities all over israel
    productsocial programs for
    formerly called
    israeli gay youth ("kamoni kamocha" ngo)
    ceo ran leabel, mandy michaeli
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Israel Gay Youth (IGY) (Hebrew: ארגון נוער גאה‎, Irgun Noar Ge'eh, lit. "Proud Youth Organization"; Hebrew: איגי‎, Igy, "IGY") was founded in 2002 in Israel as a non-profit NGO, branching off from the Israeli Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association.

Israel Gay Youth (IGY NGO)
Founded2001 (The NGO registered in 2004)
Founder Yaniv Waizmann (Chairman), Gal Uchovsky (President)
TypeLGBTQ Organization
FocusLGBTQ Youth
Area served
22 cities all over Israel
ProductSocial programs for
Formerly called
Israeli Gay Youth ("Kamoni Kamocha" NGO)
CEO Ran Leabel, Mandy Michaeli