Green Party (Israel)

The Green Party

המפלגה הירוקה
LeaderStav Shaffir
ChairpersonYael Cohen Paran
FoundersEran Ben-Yemini, Alon Tal
Founded2008 (2008)
IdeologyGreen politics[1][2]
Green Zionism[3][4]
Green liberalism[5]
Animal rights[5]
Political positionCentre-left[6][7] to left-wing[8]
National affiliationZionist Union (2014–2019)
Democratic Union (2019)
SloganChoosing Life
Seats in

The Green Party (Hebrew: המפלגה הירוקה, Miflega HaYeruka), formerly the Green Movement, is a social-environmental movement and political party in Israel.[9][10] After briefly considering running independently in the 2020 Israeli legislative election, the party decided against it, realizing they had little to no chance of passing the 3.25% to enter the Knesset. Stav Shaffir, the party's leader, urged supporters to vote for a left leaning party to help defeat Netanyahu.[11]


The party was established as the Green Movement (Hebrew: התנועה הירוקה, HaTnuʿa HaYeruka) in the summer 2008 by environmental activists and led by Eran Ben-Yemini and Alon Tal.[10] It formed as a political party, and ran a joint list with Meimad, a dovish religious party, for the 2009 elections, after Meimad had ended its alliance with the Labor Party.[12] Meimad leader Michael Melchior headed its list, and Ben-Yemini and Tal came in second and third place; former Shinui MK Meli Polishook-Bloch was also on its list, in eleventh place.[13] In addition to the environment, the electoral slate's platform addressed issues of education, social democracy, religious pluralism, and co-existence.[10] The campaign downplayed religious issues, and emphasized environmental questions.[14] The alliance failed to win any seats in the Knesset after failing to pass the election threshold, receiving the largest number of votes of any party not to do so.

It contested the 2013 elections in an alliance with Tzipi Livni's party, Hatnuah. Party leader Alon Tal was given the 13th spot on the party list. However, Hatnuah only won 6 mandates. Following the election, there was a new leadership elected, with Yael Cohen Paran replacing Tal as co-chair.

It ran in the 2015 elections on a joint Zionist Union list with Hatnuah and the Israeli Labor Party. Tzipi Livni chose Green Movement co-chair Yael Cohen Paran for the 25th spot (reserved for Hatnuah members) on the list.[15] Paran missed out on election, but got in following the resignation of another list member in November 2015.

Within the Knesset, the Movement's main focus is on toxic pollution in Haifa Bay and the effects on nearby neighbourhoods. Another focus is on air pollution. Paran is heading a parliamentary inquiry on renewable energy, pioneered a study on Israel becoming carbon-free, and is introducing legislation to require solar systems in high-rise buildings.

Prior to the September 2019 elections Stav Shaffir left the Israeli Labor Party after losing the leadership election to Amir Peretz. She joined the Green Movement, becoming its new leader. The party subsequently joined the Democratic Union alliance for the elections, receiving the 2nd and 8th spots on its list.[16] Shaffir was elected to the Knesset as the alliance won four seats.

After a 2020 snap election was announced, Meretz decided to create an electoral pact with the Labor party without the Green party.

In the build-up to the 2020 elections, the party was renamed the Green Party.[17]